Bathroom Lighting Guide

The bathroom; the first room you’ll visit in the morning and the last room you’ll visit at night before bed. Its look and functionality can dictate your day. The following bathroom lighting guide aims to help inform you of how to choose the right light for your bathroom or en-suite.

Everyone knows that water and electricity do not mix and it is because of this that bathroom lights are different. Through a rigorous production process and testing, bathroom lights are given an IP (ingress protection) rating to ensure safety from splashes, steam and condensation.

IP Rating, what is it?

Ingress Protection ratings are given to bathroom lights which meet the standard set for protection against solids and liquids. You may have seen previous bathroom lights or mirrors with the IP followed by two digits. The first ingress number is ranked from 0-6 and signifies how protected the light is against solid objects – dirt, dust etc. The second ingress number is ranked from 0-9 and this number signifies how protected it is from liquids. The Higher the number, the better protected it is.

IP rating chart

With regard to installing a lighting fitting in bathrooms, gardens, warehouses etc, it will require an IP rating that is sufficient enough in protecting it against both solids and liquids.

Bathroom Zones – Bathroom lighting guide

Are you aware that there are certain lighting zones for a bathroom? Check out the image below, from taken from which should give a clear indication to helping you achieve the perfect lighting in your bathroom.

bathroom zones chart

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Each Bathroom zone has to have a certain IP rating to be considered as safe, more specifically the second digit in the IP rating.  Below is a breakdown of the protocol.

  • Zone 0 – inside the bath or shower itself. Requires IP67 – considered safe if immersed in water.
  • Zone 1 – IP44 or above. This is the area above a bath or shower up to 2.25 metres from floor level.
  • Zone 2 – IP44 again. 0.6 metres added on top of Zone 1. This also includes the area of 0.6 above the sink, 0.6 metres from taps.


What lights are suitable for bathrooms?

As a rule of thumb, any light with an IP rating of 44 is considered safe for bathroom use, with the exception of it being submerged. Check out our IP44 rated flush ceiling lights and IP54 rated illuminated mirrors below.

Our Bathroom Lights

bathroom light and mirror

Consider our bathroom light fixtures; these are flush-fit and provide a general output of light. They also come available in a trio of casing colours; Chrome, White & Black. They are also colour changing, between three different light settings – cool white and two warmer white options. They will also save space and provide a great form of directional lighting.

Illuminated Mirrors

round bathroom mirror

Ever considered using a mirror as a light source? Most bathroom mirrors nowadays come with LED lighting which provide functional light without the need of finding a wall space for fitting. This kills two birds with one stone if wall lights are not an option or consideration.

Things to consider when choosing your bathroom light

  • Ensure you have the right IP rating for the chosen bathroom zone.
  • A paler colour palette will reflect light better so be sure to choose lighter coloured tiles or paint.
  • Ensure sufficient light over counter tops.
  • Between 2700 and 3000 kelvins (warm white) is usually the best colour light for a bathroom.

Hopefully you are more clued in as to what type of lighting to go for in the bathroom. This is the 4th installment of our guide to adding the ‘wow’ factor in your home! You can check out our previous lighting guides HERE. You can find our lights in our showroom, based in Callaghan’s Electrical, Donegal or view them all on our website:

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