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Our Very Own Bedroom Lighting Guide!

Lighting is a necessity in the bedroom as it is where we spend most of the darkest hours of the day; therefore bedroom lighting is equally as important as lighting in the kitchen or living room.

Bedroom lighting needs to be carefully considered and designed so that performing everyday tasks such as getting ready for the day in front of the mirror, reading a book before sleep or getting dressed are made easier.

Natural Lighting

We will start with natural lighting. Natural lighting is something you want to take into consideration when designing your bedroom as it can determine both the feel and practical nature of the space. If you have a small window that lets in natural light, you will want to move your mirror closer so you can get ready in this space. For night-time outings, we have a tidy full length illuminated dressing mirror which will make that all-important outfit check easier. Check it below.


In the spaces that the natural light does not reach, you will want to place some task lighting such as wall lights or table lamps to ensure those parts of the room are still practical.

Task Lighting

Next up is task lighting. This assists you with every-day life practicalities. There are many different lighting options available to help with each activity. If you are someone who likes to ‘wind down’ at the end of every day with a book, then a well placed table lamp or wall light will make this a lot easier on the eyes.

When it comes to illuminating the contents of your wardrobe, choose spotlights. They are practical in that you can see your clothes & belongings clearly, but can also add ambiance.


Accent Lighting

The statement light for your bedroom. This can be a bold central light fitting/shade, pendants at the side of your bed or a standout desk lamp. Whatever your style, you can find the perfect accent light in our shop section. We also have some inspiration for you down below.



We hope we have inspired you and made your bedroom lighting decision slightly easier, if not more informed.

Our lights can be found in Callaghan’s Electrical in Letterkenny, County Donegal or you can view them online here.

We hope you enjoyed our bedroom lighting guide. This is the third entry in our guide to adding the wow factor in your home, we will be covering the bathroom next. If you liked this article, please feel free to give it a share on social media, as the saying goes, “Every Little Helps.”

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