Creating Bathroom Mirror Envy All Over Ireland

The bathroom is where most of us begin our day, or is one of the final visits before ending it. It is a place where moods can be set; you can relax on a lazy Sunday evening in the bath, or you can get your head in the game whilst preparing for the day ahead at work.

Technology is constantly evolving, and it has reached the point where something like a bathroom mirror must have all the modern cons. Our bathroom mirrors possess all you could need to get your day started or relax in the tub. Most of these features include; Bluetooth compatibility, colour changing, dimming and built-in heated de-misting pads. 

Bluetooth: Most of our mirrors have bluetooth speakers connected, so all you have to do is turn the feature on, then pair it with your device. Lay back and relax with your favourite chillout playlist from Spotify playing. Bliss!

Colour Changing: the brightness of light can affect mood – warm whites create a cosy, relaxed mood, while in contrast, brighter whites create a vibrant, upbeat mood. The good thing about our mirrors is that you can switch between these mood-inducing colour temperatures at the touch of a button. And there is not two but THREE colour temperatures to choose from!


Dimming: Sometimes the colour temperature can be a little too bright for you (we all need time to adjust in the morning). To dim the light on these mirrors, you simply have to hold your finger on the on/off button.

Built-in de-misting pads: these are a very important and sought-after feature for the modern home. These pads will remove fog automatically by heating the mirror up slightly while you shower so zero-fogging occurs. A handy feature.

Looking For Something Simpler?

We have a wide range of beautiful LED Bathroom Mirrors with all the modern cons, but if you prefer something stylish yet simplistic, we have that covered too. First up is the 500x700mm LED Mirror (pictured below) which is sleek, slimline and simple. This mirror has all the features stripped back to: touch button dimming and touch on/off. The particular feature about this particular mirror is that it can be hung either portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal).


We also have a 700mm LED Mirror which has a contemporary design with minimal features. This LED Mirror creates an instant focal point and the white LED strip light adds the contemporary feature.

700mm bathroom mirror

Finally, for those seeking a cabinet style mirror, the 500x700mm LED Cabinet Mirror. This particular mirror adds aesthetic to your bathroom with the cabinet mirror door opening to a three level shelf inside for storage.


These mirrors are all stocked in Callaghans Electrical and can be viewed in our online shop.