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Hallway and Entry lighting guide

First impressions count….

The first interior lights your guests will see are your foyer/hallway lights. This is where you can create a grand impression or simply a warm welcome. The hallway is the connecting point in the house between all ground floor rooms as well as a space for welcoming guests. With the right choice of lighting, you can transform your hallway into a warm, welcoming haven.

hallway with chandelier at the bottom

Hallway lighting options

We will cover some lighting options that will hopefully provide some helpful inspiration with your decision below.

Pendant Lights – ceiling height permitting, a pendant can offer a great decorative addition to your hall. Also consider the space; if your hallway is narrow, opt for a slim, long fixture, whereas if your area is wider, you can experiment with different styles. Clear glass pendants can help project natural light which is the most important light in any hallway. Shop our pendants HERE

Chandeliers – Add glamour to your hallway entry with a luxurious chandelier that makes a bold statement. Chandeliers are often referred to as statement pieces for very good reason; they can put a remarkable stamp on any room (or in this case, hallway).

It’s important to know the measurements of your hallway/entry. Note the ceiling height as well as the width between walls. Knowing these important dimensions will help determine the style & size of chandelier to use in the space.

long hallway with three chandeliers

If you have a small hallway entrance with a low ceiling, opt for a flush ceiling fixture. Flush ceiling fixtures don’t require much space and are available in a multitude of designs and styles. Flush lighting can also highlight artwork or Décor.

3 bulb glass bar ceiling light

In a two-story setting, designers recommend positioning the chandelier vertically in the centre of the window space. entry to home with a hanging glass shard pendant

A larger, grander hallway should attempt to showcase a chandelier that has three of four tiers. This is where a real ‘Statement Piece’ light shines brightest. Consider our own luxurious Golden Tiered Chandelier.

golden tiered chandelier

We can’t talk about hallway lighting without giving wall lighting a mention. Use a wall light to brighten specific areas in the hallway, such as a coat rack or table. Try to keep the dispersal of the wall lights even, to provide a balanced light. Also, make sure that your chosen wall lights don’t protrude too far from the wall.


Bring light to the end of your hallway by adding a light fixture, this can be in the form of a wall, table or floor light.

  • Wall Lights – if you opt for wall lights, place them higher on the wall to catch the eye as well as open up the space.
  • Stand at the end of the hall and take note of any dark spots.

wall light in hallway

That’s our hallway lighting guide finished, hope you have enjoyed reading and gained some inspiration.

Remember, you can find these lights and more in our showroom in Callaghans Electrical.

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