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Choosing The Right Chandelier For Your Home

How to choose a chandelier for your home. A Chandelier defines and completes your space, making a style statement like no other. Chandeliers can be sophisticated while functional and gorgeously aesthetic all at once. Are you in a predicament choosing the chandelier for your home? Read on for some tips which should help your choice!

hallway with chandelier at the bottom

Chandeliers Spacing Considerations

Chandeliers demand attention; if you pick a chandelier that’s too large for your space it’ll look crowded, while if you opt for something too small it’ll end up ignored. As a rule of thumb – the bottom of the lighting fixture should hang 30-36 inches above the top of the dining table. If your ceiling is higher than the standard 8 foot; the recommendation is to raise the chandelier 3 inches for every extra foot.

Adjusting for Room Size

Why adjust for ceiling height or overall room size? The answer is that a chandelier’s principal purpose is being a design feature. Sometimes the size and style of the chandelier itself can affect the hanging height. If you have an elaborate chandelier that takes up a lot of visual space, hang it higher than the standard height.

Adjusting for Table Size

A popular recommendation for sizing a chandelier is the diameter should be 1/2 or 2/3 of the dining table width. Staying within this range keeps the table and chandelier in proper proportion, along with avoiding unwanted collisions. IF your table is small in size, a series of pendants or a singular pendant may be a better fit than a chandelier.

Large Crystal Glass Chandelier Hanging Above Round Dinner Table

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Thanks for checking out our blog on how to choose a chandelier for your home. We hope it helps with your decision and makes it an easier one!