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Our brand new range of exquisite and elegant Chandeliers is here, so we thought there’d be no time like now to feature them! We have many styles and designs to cater for all preferences, check them out HERE.

Continue reading below for some considerations and advice for choosing the correct Chandelier for your home.

Nothing says feature light like a Chandelier. It will set the tone and mood of the room, also becoming a conversation piece and cause of serious envy among guests. Chandeliers can be used to create a statement in any room, from the living room to the hallway to the bedroom. Not to be confused with the Pendant light, which typically has one shade hanging from a single wire/suspension system, a Chandelier will consist of multiple light sources, connected by a branch frame. The image of a traditional Chandelier is usually quite generic and specific – an elegant, suspended, tiered lighting fixture with multiple arms and candelabras topped with beads and crystals hanging underneath, however with modern/contemporary design constantly evolving, it allows the Chandelier to become much more innovative and unique than that.

If you are in the market for a Chandelier one of the most exciting aspects is finding the style that you adore and fits with your home design & lighting plan.

Picking the right Chandelier type and style is a tricky choice, so below we have listed some things to consider; most you will have already thought out, but some you might have overlooked. Some points for consideration are:


One of the most popular decision-makers is the finish of the chandelier, whether you want your chandelier to blend in to the surrounding fixtures or contrast. Making strong headway in popularity in regards to finishes is Nickel with Glass, below are some of our NEW Chandeliers, all with strong Nickel finishes and complimented with Glass or Fabric.

Chandelier Designs

Traditional Chandelier Design

Traditional Chandelier designs are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. The traditional chandelier has lights arranged on a single level, while tiered chandeliers are composed of two or more levels. The traditional chandelier will fit in any room, regardless of size or design.

The Chandelier below is a mixture of Traditional & Glass design as it has a traditional structure with six glass shades engulfing the bulbs, & a Nickel Base and finish, as well as a Nickel chain for connecting to the ceiling.

Drum Chandeliers

A Drum Chandelier is a simple, yet elegant design containing a series of lights that are surrounded by a drum shaped shade.

The fitting is sometimes made up of chrome, nickel or silver which helps to give that understated look of elegance. With their soft lighting, drum chandeliers are suited to any room in the home, including bathrooms and bedrooms. View our Drum shaped Chandeliers here.

Empire Chandeliers

A classic and formal style of chandelier. Grace any of your rooms with an empire chandelier to ensure a talking point. These type of chandeliers consist of two parts; an upper ‘cone’ shape and a lower ‘bowl’. Tip: use in an ‘older’ feel building with a high ceiling.




Many shaded chandeliers will add soft ambiance to your room, perfect for relaxing and removing harshness from overhead light. These shaded chandeliers soften the light by filtering it through the shade and add a feeling of warmth and refinement through providing an even light distribution in a room. Beige is all the rage at present with shaded chandeliers. We have many shaded chandeliers as well as the more modern drum shaded chandeliers which are growing in popularity as the centre piece ambient light source in homes.


Traditional Shaded Chandelier                                                                                     Drum Shaded



Those are some of our ever-expanding chandelier range, you can view the full range HERE. There’s a lot more to a Chandelier than the number of arms and bulbs it has, a lot of thought and choice is reserved for the shape of the design. When choosing a chandelier, it is down to personal preference at the end of the day, so go with what you feel will suit your home best.