Lighting Made Easy With Maxlite

Lighting Made Easy With Maxlite

Lighting can be a tricky, time-consuming decision when building/completing a build. Put the perfect finishing touch on your forever home with an intriguing, eye-catching light. Whether it’s a modern statement chandelier you’re seeking or striking glass pendants above your kitchen island; we’ve got you covered. We have a suitable light for any room in your home. All you have to do is have a quick search through our online shop to find the light of your dreams! We’ll start with our range of modern pendants.

Pendants For Your Kitchen

As far as pendants go, we have a wide range of differing styles & shapes in stock. There are simple, cost-effective pendants and more extravagant fittings available. Most of our lights come with a choice between a brass or chrome holder. As well as the holders, our glass shaded pendants come in either a dome, pyramid or jug shaped shade. They’re also available with either a clear, amber or smoked tint. Plenty of choice! Have a look below at some of our glass shaded fittings in customer’s homes.

three smoked glass pendant lights above a kitchen island

Smoked Glass Dome Pendants Above A Kitchen Island

As can be seen above, the glass dome pendants complement the shade and tabletop colour scheme. These are our Smoked Glass Dome Pendants with Chrome Holders & are only €69 each. We have a broad range of these pendants available in different shades and shapes, find them here: PENDANT LIGHTS

If you’re seeking something a little less simpler above your kitchen island, might we suggest our Isla Pendants? These striking pendants are suited to a more contemporary themed home. Glamorous, moderately priced and eye-catching with clear glass bars, there is also a smaller model available – find it here: CLEAR GLASS BAR PENDANTS. What’s better is that you can match them with our MODERN CRYSTAL CHANDELIERS to create a lighting arrangement which will become the envy of any guests/visitors.


Smaller Clear Glass Pendants matched with Modern Crystal Chandelier


Isla Pendants With Modern Crystal Chandelier For Dining Table


Looking For Something Unique? 

We have some Teal glass shaded pendants with a truly unique Herringbone design available. These are for those who wish to create a talking point in their interior and are ideal as a standalone fitting or in a row of two or three above an island. The choice is yours! See below for some inspiration.

teal pendants above dining table

Opulent White Lighting 

We also have some intriguing white glass dome shaded pendants in stock which add a distinctive relaxed ambiance to any room. Whilst most opt to place these lights above their kitchen island or breakfast bar, they are beautiful against any backdrop, therefore in any room. Priced at €69, have a peek at some customer images below.


Image courtesy of dedesign


White Glass Dome Pendants in Kitchen

How great do they look while complementing the marble tabletops? Adjust the length of the pendants to a max drop of 1.3 metres for higher ceiling spaces or bring them closer to your ceiling. Next up…

All Things Amber Lighting

Add an amber hue to your interior with a glass shaded pendant. We have a few lights that might be to your taste. Check out Tanya’s beautiful kitchen. She added our amber shaded pendants to complete an already beautiful design.

Amber Tinted Pendant Kitchen island

amber tinted glass pendants above kitchen island

Aren’t they perfect for her kitchen? This stunning kitchen has a vaulted ceiling which meant that the pendants would have to be adjustable to a suitable height. With a golden base, flexible wiring and a bell shaped golden holder, the amber shaded pendant is one of our best-sellers. (These lights are currently out of stock).

Lighting For Your Living Room

Looking for lighting that will stand out in your living room? We have a LOT of lights that fit that bill, none other than our stylish LUCIA CHANDELIER which will certainly add standout glamour. Lucia is latin for ‘Light’. This feature light is eye-catching when illuminated and in natural daylight. Featuring cylindrical glass rods in an ebb & flow design which suspend from a polished nickel frame, encompassing five bulbs within to provide a unique glow. CLICK THIS LINK TO SHOP OUR LUCIA CHANDELIERS. 


Living Room with Lucia Chandelier

Want a ‘Golden Glow’ to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere in your living room? Then check out the absolutely stunning Rose Gold Chandelier which will truly set your living space apart from the rest of your home. This feature light contains six elegant under-reaching iron arms in a rose gold finish. Atop these arms are clear crystal decorative features topped with a white fabric shade. Comprised of a clear crystal stem, this beautiful chandelier is a must-have. Did we mention we also have matching accent lights?

hallway with chandelier at the bottom

Rose Gold Chandelier

wall light in hallway

Rose Gold Wall Light

New Lighting Images 

Whilst writing this blog, we received some images from more delighted customers who called into our showroom in Callaghans Electrical Letterkenny. There they had a brief consultation with Rory, who recommended a winning combination of lights for their new kitchen. Check out the images of the Isla Pendants and our Luxury Crystal Chandelier in their new homes below.

clear glass pendant lights above kitchen island

Larger Kitchen Islands & Isla Pendants Are A Winning Combination

As can be seen, the lights work well above the marble kitchen island counter. We also provided them with a chandelier which compliments the kitchen lights.

modern crystal chandelier in living room

Our Luxurious Crystal Chandelier

We hope this has provided you with some inspiration for choosing interior lighting for your forever home. If you enjoyed this, you should take a look at other similar blogs like:

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