New Bathroom Mirrors

If you’ve been following our social media channels lately, you’ll have seen that we replenished our bathroom mirror stocks.We have also added some brand new, on-trend mirrors. These are fully loaded with modern features including: Bluetooth, Colour Changing, Touch Button Dimming and built-in anti-fogging technology. As soon as steam is detected, the heated pads kick in and eradicate condensation – very handy! All our mirrors are IP44 rated, meaning they are safe for bathroom usage. They are also more environmentally & economically friendly as they are Energy Rated A. The lighting colour temperature ranges from 2,800 – 6,400 kelvins.

Here’s a short run through of what’s back in stock.

600mm & 800mm Round Bathroom Mirrors

Our most popular bathroom mirror is back in stock due to popular demand. These sleek, backlit LED mirrors were our best-sellers last time around so bringing them back was an easy decision. With colour temperatures that can reflect your mood; warm white for relaxing & cool white to get ready for the day ahead. You can choose your brightness with its touch button dimming feature. Another cool feature is the built-in anti-fogging pad; as soon as steam is detected, it is eradicated, preventing condensation gathering. Finally, the most important feature – Bluetooth. Picture this – chilling on a lazy Sunday evening in the bath while listening to your favourite chill out tunes (blissful, isn’t it?). If you’re getting ready for the day ahead, blast some Eye of The Tiger to get yourself pumped up! We’ve also brought back the 800mm round mirror which is a larger version, suited for larger sink spaces.


We have also added a NEW 600mm Round Mirror to our range. This is a welcome addition and very similar to our previous best-selling 600mm in design, but with an upgrade. These upgraded mirrors now have all the above-mentioned features, as well as a thin aluminium black frame which is ideal for modern bathrooms with some black feature elements. Checkout the images below as featured in EmilyInDonegal’s kids’ bathroom. Emily has a keen eye for interior design, having self-built not one, but TWO homes. You can head over to her website: for some brilliant tips if you’re building your forever home from someone who has experience, or for some helpful lifestyle & interior design tips. If you’re on instagram, checkout her profile: where she is very active with loads more helpful advice.

two 600mm round bluetooth bathroom mirrors with black frames above sinks in bathroom

800x600mm Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror 

We have also added a brand new 800x600mm bluetooth bathroom mirror to our range. The 800x600mm offers an ambient lighting effect, making your bathroom glow. Featuring a low energy consuming LED light with colour changing function, touch button on/off/dimming and a built-in de-misting pad, designed to prevent the mirror from fogging. Hangs in a landscape position. Bluetooth connectivity adds the perfect finishing touch. Add it to your bathroom now!

800x600mm Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror Above Sink in Ireland

1000x700mm Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror

These landscape mirrors are suited to larger bathroom spaces. With demisting pads, touch button on/off & dimming, colour changing between three lighting temperatures and bluetooth speaker pads built in.


600x800mm & 500x700mm Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror

We’ve also replenished our stocks of these backlit LED mirrors, both popular for main bathrooms and en-suites. Most people opt to place the 500x700mm LED Bathroom Mirrors in their en-suite due to their compact sizing and they’re also great value for money at only €189. The larger, 600x800mm LED Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors are suited to slightly larger sink spaces, packed with the above-mentioned features and they’re also great value at only €289. Check out the instructional video below by Lisa from Callaghans Electrical where our products are on display in Letterkenny.

As you can see, using the LED mirrors is simple and they’re aesthetically pleasing!

If you have any queries, feel free to send them to us via e-mail: or contact us on social media and we will do our best to respond instantly.

All these are available online in our LED Mirrors section of our website and in-store in Callaghans Electrical, Letterkenny.