New Bathroom Mirrors!

New Bathroom Mirrors!

We have added some brand new LED bathroom mirrors to our range!

Set your mood for the day with one of our brand new Edgelit Bathroom Mirrors. We have added three new models to our collection of illuminated mirrors which will cater to all tastes. We have added;

  • 500x700mm Backlit Bathroom Mirror – this is an exact replica of our 500x700mm Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror but is a plain-jane version. This model can be hung two ways – horizontally or vertically.
  • 500x700mm Edgelit Bathroom Mirror – touch button on/off. This mirror can also be hung vertically or horizontally and is touch button dimmable.
  • 800x600mm Edgelit Bathroom Mirror – this model is fully loaded with features and will make your bathroom come alive. Start your day with a smile by playing your favourite songs while you get ready with its Bluetooth functionality. Picture this – relaxing on a lazy Sunday evening in the warm white glow of the light while your favourite chillout playlist plays in the background. Bliss! This mirror also has built-in heated de-misters which will ensure zero fogging due to condensation from the shower.

LED Light bathroom mirror

800x600mm Edgelit Bathroom Mirror 


500x700mm Edgelit Bathroom Mirror 


500x700mm Backlit Bathroom Mirror

All three models are IP44 (ingress protection) rated which means they are “splash proof”. Check the following article for an explainer on IP ratings here:

These models are just a taste of the things to come, we have some striking new statement lighting coming very soon! This new range of lighting will include Antique style pendants with brass or chrome features. As well as antique style tinted shaded pendants, we will also have some contemporary designed pendants, wall lights and NEW table lamps. We are expanding our range and cannot wait to share our new interior lights with you.

As well as our interior lighting range expanding, we are also preparing to begin sale of our commercial/outdoor lighting. These lights are all suitable for outdoor use and we have already installed them in commercial projects such as; warehouses, farmyards, commercial properties, car parks etc. Keep an eye on our commercial lighting page for some updates in the not-too-distant future!