Reflect your own Style this Christmas with a Maxlite Mirror

Adding your own personal touch to your newly renovated or recently completed bathroom can be a tricky decision if you’ve seen our range of illuminated LED mirrors as there are some real standout styles and designs to choose from! These BRAND NEW mirrors have a wide range of features and are easily installed, making them ideal for bathrooms.

To make your decision that bit easier, have a look below. 

We’ll start with the 500x700mm Bluetooth


Suited for sink spaces around the 500mm mark, this sleek mirror will have your guests in envy. Fully loaded with Bluetooth, heated demister pads and colour changing capability. The Bluetooth aspect is simple; pair your phone or device and play your favourite songs while you’re getting ready for the day ahead or relaxing in the tub (double up on the colour changing to really set the mood for relaxing). As for condensation, no need to worry as the 500x700mm has a heated demister pad which will ensure no fogging. All with a 2 year warranty. There is a slightly larger option available here

800mm Diameter LED

Another very popular mirror, this is fully loaded with Bluetooth, Heated Demisters and Colour Changing Capability. Elegant & uniquely designed, this mirror is stunning. Perfect for a minimalist feel! There is a slightly smaller variation on this one in the 600mm diameter which has all the same features!

508x1524mm Standing Mirror


One for those who absolutely cannot leave the room without making sure their whole outfit is complete. These Mirrors come complete with Black Frame and are dimmable as well to make sure you get the right light for that all-important Instagram picture! 2 year warranty also applies. Order HERE

600x800mm with black surround


This is 600mm high by 800mm wide, making it a great fit for larger sink spaces. Switch it on and change its colour with the touch of a button, also comes with Bluetooth so you can play your favourite tunes. Has a black frame which is the current trend. A must-have for those with great taste!

800x600mm (3 Buttons)



This mirror comes with 3 buttons to use features such as changing colour, turning Bluetooth on/off and turning on the heated demister pads. Suited to larger sink spaces. Order HERE.

1000×700 Bluetooth LED Mirror


Another mirror suited to larger spaces, it is fully kitted out with the same features mentioned above. Perfect for your bathroom or bedroom!

1200mm diameter LED Mirror


The crème de la crème of round mirrors. This masterpiece is 1200mm diameter and a minimalist modern design. Perfect for above a large sink or bath, in a hallway, living room or in a salon setting. This features touch-button dimming, ideal for creating that chilled out vibe in your home.

600mm Black Frame with Strap


Last but not least! This is one of our most popular mirrors. With a Black Frame encompassing the 600mm diameter and a Black Leather Strap for hanging, this is a bargain at €149. This will need to be wired to mains power as it has no button for on/off. Protected under a 2 year warranty and qualifies for FREE delivery nationwide!

Hopefully this has given you something of an easier decision to make, so be sure to check out all our mirrors and our fabulous range of interior lighting and chandeliers!

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