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About Maxlite Lighting Supplier

modern crystal chandelier in living room

Maxlite Lighting Suppliers Ireland

Established in 2017, we are a family-run team based in Donegal, Ireland. We are hoping to bring our vision & passion of the highest quality, stylish and on-trend lighting to you. With a flair for interior design, we believe that the correct lighting is essential in creating the ‘wow’ factor in your home. We also believe our innovative, vast and luxurious range of lighting combined with our extensive knowledge of current trends will break boundaries for homeowners and business-owners alike.

Vision – Our mission is to share our passion for lighting with the world.

Mission – To be the go-to brand for lighting inspiration worldwide. We aim to achieve this by supplying high quality, contemporary, safe, stylish & innovative lighting products and accessories topped with exceptional value and customer service. We are also aware of the benefits of switching to LED lighting and its effects on cost-effectiveness and being more environmentally sound so ALL our products are suitable for LED bulbs.

Values – providing each customer with a unique, premium quality lighting product which will create the ‘wow’ factor in their home or business, while also being cost-effective and environmentally sound.