Lighting For A Vaulted Ceiling – No Problem!

Lighting For A Vaulted Ceiling

Searching for lighting for a vaulted ceiling? Check out what we have for you below.

Finding lighting for a vaulted ceiling can be a challenging task for homeowners. In architectural terms, a vaulted ceiling is a self-supporting arch above the walls and beneath a roof. They’ve been around for millennia, as far back as Neolithic Crete. Since then, they’ve been found across the world, think Gothic cathedrals or the Pantheon in Rome. As they are now a staple in contemporary/modern homes, vaulted ceilings typically don’t have to be arched, instead following the roofline in a more triangular form. If you have or are considering a vaulted ceiling in your build and are wondering how best to approach in regard to lighting, we have some helpful tips on how to light your space.

Pendant And Chandelier Lighting

amber tinted glass pendants above kitchen island

Amber tinted pendants in this modern kitchen with a vaulted ceiling sent in from a customer.

All our Pendant Lights are adjustable to a height of 1.5 metres, making them a suitable lighting option for vaulted ceilings. Vaulted ceilings are the perfect opportunity to showcase your pendant lights given the extra head height. Have a look at another image below sent in by a customer which features our Rose Gold Basket Pendants priced at only €79 each.

Rose Gold Pendant Lighting For A Vaulted Ceiling

Rose Gold Basket Pendants Hanging From A Vaulted Ceiling

If you’re hanging an arrangement of pendants in a room with a high ceiling, you might need to hang them with varying heights to ensure the base of each pendant is the same distance from the floor. We have these type of pendants available from our pendant lighting section of and they are also available in our Cavan shop (Dublin Road, Cavan, H12 P3V8).

You could also consider utilising Track Lighting, which incorporates several lights onto a single strip. Using track lighting provides focused illumination of specific areas and a strong projection of light, while also being easily fixed to beams. The main assignment for track lighting is to complement recessed lighting in a room, not overshadow it. Bear that in mind if you opt for track lighting for your vaulted ceiling.

Accent Lighting

Once you have decided on your vaulted ceiling lighting, you will need to complement spaces with table lamps & wall lamps. We supply a unique yet varying range of table lamps, and our wall lamps are ever-expanding. These Luminaires can add warmth and a sense of cosiness to your interior. You can introduce a table lamp/wall lamp to console tables or side tables next to your sofas, accent chairs and dining spaces.
Table lamps are functional and designed to fit your style & add personality to a space.

chrome pandora table lamp

Pandora Table Lamp in Chrome With a Round Fabric Shade

Wall Lights can provide a decorative touch and an extra layer of light to interior settings. Wall lights also help to balance the flow of light in a room, and are a great studying/reading aid.


Golden Wall Light with Crystal Features & Pleated Fabric Shade

Things to remember when installing lighting for a vaulted ceiling

Thinking and planning ahead are crucial for lighting a vaulted ceiling. Some things to consider are:

Room Usage; tasks and activities will be carried out in the room and centre your lighting around these.

The colour temperature; lighting can affect mood, so for example if your vaulted ceiling is in your living room, you would generally opt for a warm white (2700-3300K) to create that cosy relaxed mood. Make sure that the complementary lighting (table lamps and wall lamps) colour temperatures don’t conflict or contrast with the ceiling lighting. Avoid creating an imbalance.

Dimmers; creating ambiance in a room with vaulted ceilings can be made easy with dimmer switches. They can create atmosphere in a space. Think Movie Night. You will want to keep the lighting low so you can watch that film.

If you’re renovating a space; you’ll have to adjust your lighting to the existing wiring to avoid breaking up walls.

All our lights are available from our website shop, our Flagship Cavan Shop (H12 P3V8) or in Callaghans Electrical, Letterkenny.

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